MBAO6013 Organizational Behavior and Leadership

Asia Metropolitan University · January 28, 2021


  • Evaluate the issues related to the nature and functioning of organizations’ behaviour in an organization
  • Formulate effective leadership style and teamwork in achieving business operational efficiency
  • Demonstrate social skills and proper etiquette in engaging with society and business organizations in which human behaviours take place


This course aims to improve the learners understanding of human behavior in organization and the ability to lead people to achieve more effectively toward increased organizational performance in terms of improving the learner’s ability to interact with and manage people, design effective organisations and share helpful tactics for career advancement.


The course moves to progressively through individual, group, and organizational levels of behavior drawing on concepts and practices from the field of Organizational Behavior (OB). It also examines the interrelationship of behavioral phenomena among these levels. Studying OB provides a basic understanding of your own and others’ behavior, particularly in teams. It will enhances the learner ability to communicate and work effectively with others, core skills of leadership. The goal is to help learners to strengthen people management skills so you can be a successful leader in any field you choose.

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